Aitch - Make It Shake Music Video BTS + Runner

Updated: May 18, 2020

Over the year I have worked on a variety of different jobs and have been lucky enough to work as a runner/BTS shooter for the popular rapper named Aitch.

After working on this set through the link of a friend named Joe, I came to understand how music videos should work. It was very interesting to see just how big the crew was for such a short video, all scheduled into one day. The equipment was all the best quality, the team had hired security and transport to and from each location. One thing I admire about my friend Joe who is a producer, is the fact he is so great at his job. By watching how he works and seeing all of the connections he has, gives me inspiration to network more myself. The car we used in the video ‘Make it Shake’ was actually sourced by random off the street when Joe had noticed the driver at a garage. He approached the man and offered him some money to allow us to borrow his car for the shoot. I was really impressed by Joe’s confidence to go and directly speak to people if they have access to something, he needs for a shoot he won’t hesitate to ask. As a producer, the ability to source people, props and locations with confidence is essential as you are the one who is organising all of the shoot. There is a lot to learn from Joe’s professional practise as he has a firm network of people at the age of 30 whom he can rely on for a huge number of things such as, fake bricks, ambulances, unique props, expensive cars etc. It appears to be a positive thing knowing a diverse range of people as you never know what people own that could become useful on a film set. Since working with Joe, I have become more aware about how to conduct myself on a professional set.

During my role as a runner/BTS shooter for the music video, I really struggled with the pressure of two roles. I turned up with my camera equipment to capture behind the scenes footage of the team at work. Despite this, my help was still needed on set so I did my best to be everywhere at once. The shoot was great however became quickly quite stressful due to the lines of each role becoming blurred. It was nearly impossible to focus on catching a moment on camera when I was also been asked to get food orders and carry things to and from locations. Other duties of mine this day consisted of keeping the street clear of any members of the public whilst we were shooting one of the scenes in Moston. I would get them to wait before allowing them to cross.

When we got to the club scenes, the director wanted another girl in the shot and asked me if I would be involved. I agreed as Joe did mention they might need more extras for the shoot. After this Joe was annoyed at me for stepping out of my role but it was a challenging situation as I was receiving different messages from different members of the team and wasn’t sure who to listen to as they all seemed important. On this shoot I feel I may have tried too hard to please everyone and really the solution for this would have been to give me one role to focus on instead of endless possibilities. Despite this, I learned a great deal about the fast-paced music industry and also learned how many people it takes to make a professional standard music video. From this experience I have changed my perspective on music videos and believe it’s more important to work as a team than as an individual from now on in the future. I believe you can make a more high-quality production when working as a team.

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