Where are you based? 
How do you send the footage?

I am based mainly in Manchester and Nottingham in the UK but I am able and motivated  to travel anywhere the job is. 

What are your rates?

You can find the link to my rates below 

I use an online website called WeTransfer which most creatives use to send larger files via email. 

If you provide me with your email address, once the first drafts are completed, I can send them straight to your inbox. 

You will receive an email that looks like this 

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 18.54.33.png
What do your rates include? 

Firstly, the overall cost of a production or project will depend on the specific desires of the client. The rates vary according to videography and photography so deciding what suits your main goal best, will depend on which creative service you need. 

My rates come in three different forms:

1. Half Day Rate 

This will be any job needing between 0-4 hours worth of work. 

2. Full Day Rate 

Anything above 4 hours worth of work will require the full day rate which covers 5-8 hours.

3. Editing Rate

This is again dependant on which service you are choosing but the editing rates work out per hour.

The cost will cover a list of my personal equipment, my skillset and my time for the particular job and up to 1 assistant on set. 

The rates do NOT include:

  • Models

  • Transport

  • Cast 

  • Studio Hire

  • Camera Rental

  • Extra Crew

  • Make Up Artists

  • Stylists

  • Props

  • Outfits

  • Locations

  • Printing

  • Long Term Storage

The email will present you with a download link or equally you can press 'Get My Files' and it will take you through to the download page. Then once you've began the download, the files should be located on your computer system.

Wether you're an artist or a brand, a big part of my job is to help provide you with the knowledge I have from the creative industry, to ensure you end up with a quality product that serves it's purpose.


I will input to the pre-production process which will include all paperwork such as storyboards, mood boards, proposals, research etc. Not only is this essential for high quality productions, it is also more efficient when working to schedule. 

The most successful projects have been planned down to the core even if they appear to be effortless. 

If you are not sure about what you want to create or what the purpose of your project is, I have created a client brief which is a great way to break down your vision. 


If you need help styling yourself then please let me know in advance so I can get hold of these services before the shoot date and inform you of any extra costs. 

Will I need to send a deposit? 

Yes, a £50 deposit is required in advance before the shoot date or editing job is started.  The deposit secures your place on that day and is only refundable if circumstances have to be changed due to last minute illness or emergency on my behalf. Any sudden need to change the date on behalf of the client is more than fine with valid reason. The deposit will remain in place for the rearranged shoot. 

What happens once I have been
in contact ?

Once I have read an email from a potential client, I will respond as quickly as I can and will send across a client brief. This is a form you can fill out which enables you to express the context of your project, it's purpose and your vision. 

In this document you will also be asked to state your approximate budget for the job.


Your budget will determine any extra costs such as models, studio hire, extra crew members, props etc. 

If you already know that you're just looking for a videography service for some interviews and small promo for social media, then you more than likely will not need a larger budget than my day rates + editing rates. 

The most important thing to establish early on, is a clients purpose for their project as this helps me to understand your target audience. 

From a client brief and my own research into the brand, individual or company, I can determine the message a client is looking to portray and begin to plan out the production process. 

If you live locally to Manchester I am more than happy to meet up over coffee/lunch to go through some of your ideas. 

If the project is more detailed I will make a series of mood boards, story boards, scripts, shot lists etc and share with a client via Google Drive or One Drive which are great ways to keep one another updated with new content/ideas. 

On the shooting day I will arrive 1 hour before shooting schedule to set up all equipment required for the day. Shoots will begin promptly on time. 

Keeping endless amounts of video content especially, begins to cost hundreds of pounds a year. When working with storage systems I have found it best to invest in SSD's which ultimately cost £150 for 1TB.

1TB may sound like a lot however when using a 4k quality  image or filming in slow motion, the storage space disappears rapidly. 

Due to the expense of storing raw files, a form is issued to clients where they agree they can purchase all raw files and arrange a meet in person for the transfer to their own hard drive, else all footage is not guaranteed to be stored longer than 6 months after the shoot. 

When paperwork is not involved, the lines between who owns the full copyright to the content is very often blurred. 

This makes any project extremely stressful when problems arise. 

To solve the issue of misunderstandings in the future I have taken precautions around having solid paperwork in place to ensure each client that all content produced by myself is owned by myself. A client can purchase the content I have produced however I still own the copy right to the image and I am entitled to use all work made in my creative portfolio and online platforms. They own half of the rights which enables them to use the content for their own personal interest.

Watermarks and logos must remain on the visual unless an arranged agreement has taken place prior to release. 

If a project has been done on no budget (for free) for whatever reason in the past, all copy right is reserved to myself and whichever brand I have produced under. For example, 21st Century Tribe, Bully Tribe Century or Rosie Eliza which are all my professional work related businesses. 

Work is only carried out for free in exchange of high promotion via social media. Every single image must be correctly tagged with a clear indication as to who produced the image/piece of work. 

Failure to do this can end up in your image being removed due to copy right standards. When a job is done for no cost, it is out of respects to credit your photographer/videographer. 

Under no circumstances do clients own content that was produced without an exchange of money. 

Can you help me to come up 
with an idea?
What do you do with all of the 
original footage?
Who owns copyright to the
Who owns Free content?